Saturday, February 19, 2011

LED Visor, MSP430 (Final Build into Visor)

This post is the fourth in a multi-post set: 

After working out the bugs in my software and PCB, I build the PCB into a visor.

I mounted the switched on the back of my PCB. You can see them sticking out of the left side of the visor below. The top switch changes the speed that the pattern is run with, and the bottom switch changes to a new pattern.
The PCB was mounted in the headband, along with a 9V battery.  The regulator can run from about 3.5V up to 18V, so switching from a 6V system (4 x 1.5V AA) to a 9V was not a problem.

 As you can see here, my sewing leaves a lot to be desired. I also ended up using hot glue to attached a 100uF Cap when I ran out of the correct package size ones I'd designed with.
 This was before I'd discovered conductive thread, so I wired up the LEDs individually with a stiff thin wire.  I then sewed the wire back to the visor to keep it from moving around.

Thanks for looking!

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